Sunday, December 23, 2018

K.G.F. Chapter 1

Before we can proceed ahead for the review, I have just one question, "Why do you watch a movie?" Give it a thought and let me know.

I am sure you have your answer. This is that type of movie which may leave you inspired, emotional and enthralled.

The movie is originally a Kannada production with it being released in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu & Malayalam languages.

 The beginning of the movie takes you back in time to tell a story of a young boy. A young boy who wants the world.

The plot of the movie is simple and short. Its the visualization of it on the big screen takes it on a whole new different level. If you thought Bhaubali was epic in the Indian film industry, then this one is going to blow your mind.

Its a visual treat to watch and is an out and out action movie. It keeps you engrossed from the start that you wont move your eyes off it. It captures the journey of the young man whose mother makes him take a promise that he will be a rich man when he dies. From being a shoe shiner he ends up becoming the most dangerous guy.

It has its moments. From the way the story is told, the mother-son bonding, the young man's desire to become rich & powerful, the play at hand... Depends which one gets your attention.

Its the direction and the screenplay of the movie which plays a pivotal role. Prashanth Neel does a great job at it. There however is a flaw in the movie which can be overlooked which would be the love angle. It could have been shown in a better way especially the connect.

The movie protagonist Raja Krishnappa Bairya alias Rocky played by Yash does his job to the core. The intensity of the eyes especially when his face is covered with his hair & beard.

Archana Jois as the mother, Anmol Vijay as young Rocky have also done a splendid work. Srinidhi Shetty had a small role. Anant Nag & Malavika Avinash were good. So was the character who plays the house keeping role and the old Muslim guy who plays as a confidante of Rocky. I am not commenting on the grey role played by others as very small role given except for Ramachandra Raju as Garuda who killed it with his ferocity.

Overall, the movie will leave you in awe. You get the same kind of feeling that one might have felt during Bhaubhali, only bigger this time.

Its a must watch movie and on the big screens. Go for it!!

Thursday, November 8, 2018


It was a holiday yesterday and decided to catch up on movies that you haven't watched for months. You check up on the movie listing and shortlist two movies both equally good. A moment of indecisiveness comes in.

You weigh the pros & cons and then make your choice. Check the movie listing timings and decide on it.

Its the D-day and you make a dash to reach the theater on time to book tickets & watch movie. However the traffic on the roads felt otherwise as you looked on the clock ticking....

The counter is filled with people in line something that never happens. You knew you were going to miss the beginning but you will wait for your turn to buy tickets. Reached the counter and tell the girl "Tumbbad, 12:20 show" You select your seats and rush inside to catch up on the movie.

As you enter the screen, the attendant stops you saying the movie has not ended and that yours starts at 12:55. You are amused thinking that they probably postponed it. Check the ticket for timings and it says 12:55.

You enter the screen hall to find it empty making you wonder it cannot be. Find your seat & take it. The movie begins and shows the title as "Lupt".  I checked my ticket again and find it written on it. 

The thought of leaving did come but I decided to stick and yes it was certainly not a wise decision....

 Lupt is supposed to be a movie based on supernatural horror genre but it fails badly to come as one.

Its a story of a family vacation turning into a nightmare. The lead character is played by Javed Jaffrey who is troubled by images which he thinks is a figment of his imagination. His psychiatrist friend recommends taking a break to unwind. 

 He ends up losing his son, wife in an unexplained manner. The question arises if he can save his daughter's life...

I am at my wits end on how can Javed Jaffrey, Vijay Raaz & Niki Walia could agree to do such movie. The script of the movie is so weak that even a kid could point out the flaws. 

The direction felt as if it was done scene by scene something one can easily notice. The writer and director of the movie are one & the same Prabhuraj. Makes me wonder why would anyone produce such a half baked movie.

This will not be recommended and I hope I have your sympathies for going through this difficult time and churning a movie review out of it.