Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Maze Runner

When you go to watch a movie, it does not matter who the actors are or what the story is about as long as the movie keeps you engrossed.

That is what the movie The Maze Runner is about.

The movie keeps you enthralled all the time. There is not a dull moment where you think what the hell they are showing.

The Maze Runner is a story about a boy with no memory of his past and is brought into a place called Glade with no memories of the past teenaged boys living surrounded by the walls of a maze.

The maze access is only restricted to the runners group. Runners who enter the maze to study it and try to find an exit out of it but it keeps on changing every night and then there are greivers whose stung can kill one. The boys are divided into a set of a group who has been assigned specific tasks to do.

The curiosity of one boy to get out of the maze and the events followed is the theme of the movie. The ending gives a glimpse of the sequel movies that will follow as part of the trilogy.

The movie lead is played by Dylan O’Brien, a talented actor. Those who have watched his TV series Teenwolf should know.

A well directed movie by Wess Ball

If you have watched Resident Evil series and the Hunger Games, then you will realize that the story is on a similar pattern but different treatment.

This is probably the first installment of the trilogy. Based on a book with same name; written by James Dashner. He has also written the two sequel books on it. The Sorch Trials (movie supposed to be released on Sept 2015) and The Death Cure.

He has also written two prequel books The Kill Order and The Fever Code.

The movie has got my attention and yes I am keeping my fingers crossed that the sequel too is this interesting.

Do watch it. Recommended.

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