Thursday, November 6, 2014

Deliver Us From Evil

This movie has been the third in a row of watching horror movies in this week.

As the title of the movie signifies, it’s a movie about a cop’s encounter with the bad spirits and is supposedly said to be inspired by the true events in the life of New York cop Ralph Sarchie.

The movie revolves around the New York cop who comes across strange cases in his line of duty and finds them to be inter-related.

Even though he is not the one to bite the bait of supernatural powers behind it, a chance encounter with the priest changes it all as he comes across the truth and fights against it as his family gets embroiled.

The movie is tight as far as the plot and direction goes and it keeps you intrigued as the story moves forward.

The priest who looks nothing like one is his partner to help him get rid of the evil spirit that is troubling the neighborhood.

It’s more about the demonic possession than evil in any other form, so it might disappoint the audience if they are looking for a scare that makes them jump out of their seats. The movie though does have its moments.

The movies falls short when the truth is known and post that it’s all about an end to the evil and rescue the family. 

The movie climax fails to live up to the momentum set and yes that disappoints in the end.

The movie is directed by Scott Derrickson and the lead is played by Eric Bana who does justice to the role.

The priest being played by Edgar Ramirez and am just wondering if guys like him become priest then what affect that will have on the women.

The wife role is played by Olivia Munn who looks pretty.

Would recommend it as a one-time watch and if not watch it for Eric Bana.

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