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When you go to watch a movie on outer space, the only thing that intrigues one’s mind is our imagination. Space that exist outside earth but lived in imagination as very few had the opportunity to go and see it out for themselves.

There have been many movies exploring the space theme and most of them have been about our quest to explore the outer space, life outside earth and survival. Apart from that it has been on to divert/destroy the giant asteroid that will hit the earth.

Apollo 13 was a movie that I recall that showed that situation astronauts have to face when everything goes south.

Recently it was Gravity, another movie on outer space that surely must have scared the hell out of many people imagining to be stuck in space all alone with almost no means to return back to earth.

Interstellar stand apart from all those movies not by its plot but execution as it explores the human emotion within and beyond earth apart for the visual indulgence of outer space.

The movie begins showing earth becoming an inhabitable place for human beings. Dust storm seems to be the main cause along with gravity anomalies that comes across. The armies around the world cease to exist and people resort to farming as food becomes a scarce resource with corps dying out…

Cooper (Matthew McConaughey), a pilot turned farmer is the key character who lives his life farming along with children, Tom and daughter Murphy and his father in law Donald. A chance encounter with a space probe and gravity anomaly takes him to the NASA center that was considered to be ceased to exit.

He ends up meeting the father daughter pairing of Professor Brand (Michael Caine) & Dr. Ameila (Anna Hathway). There he comes across mission about finding habitable planet in another galaxy through a wormhole they come across.

To save the planet earth, they need to send spaceship to check for habitable planet through the five people who were sent to different planets.

Cooper chooses to leave behind his life to fight for survival of the human population along with three other including Amelia and two robots. Post that it’s been a journey of uncertainty, survival, faith, love and hope.

Professor Brand though hides the fact that there was no plan to save the people on earth. It was to save the human species by finding a suitable planet and use fertility eggs to start fresh. He connives everyone into thinking that they will able to save the human population by creating gigantic space station but to do that he needs to find a way and to solve that equation he needs additional data that can only sought through a black hole singularity.

Murphy takes the hardest when Cooper goes into space and cuts off all ties with him. She does not even send video message until she old enough of his age and thinks that he is never going to come back again. She works with Professor Brand as his assistant.

In the end, love triumphs everything as Cooper makes a go at the Black hole to provide the data required and his daughter able to decipher the equation to save the human race.

I don’t think anyone without any knowledge of wormhole, blackhole, time slippage and different dimensions is going to understand the movie a bit as it’s assumed that you know…

It touches upon a theme about science that you have heard theoretically and probably in classrooms but never on a movie theatre and visualized in a way that takes the breath away. Nevertheless one cannot predict how accurate the depiction is.

The beginning of the movie is too vague with no clear indication on why earth is becoming an inhabitable place. The audience needs to just understand that it is and due to dust storm and gravity anomaly.

The space probe found belonging to Delhi control mission made me wonder if that was a way to recognize the Indian Space Agency work in outer space.

The visuals of the outer space are stunning that keeps you enthralled giving a boost to your imagination of outer space.

Time slippage along with hours of day varying in different planets has been shown in a way that could be understood.

Matt Damon playing the role of Mann’s one of the people who took on the mission to find habitable planet does justice his role even though a small part.

The human emotion has been beautifully explored in the movie. Like Mann’s desperation for survival that causes him to fudge data in the hope that people will come and rescue him and they did.

Going to the extent of almost killing another human being so that he could fight to live another day as the fear of dying alone in an icy cold planet was not the way he wanted to die.

You will find many such facets of human emotions probed that actually become the highlight of the movie.

The climax of the movie makes me wonder about Tom who is nowhere to be seen. Nor shown what happens to him. The reunion of father and daughter is shown but no mention of his son. Instead Murphy reminds Cooper that Ameila is still out there and he along with a robot steals a shuttle to look for her.

Christopher Nolan has kept the movie on a tight leash as he keeps on bringing surprises to the screen that makes this movie different and stand out.

The movie has its loopholes; it’s for you to decide how to look at it.

Watching the movie, one forgets that its almost three hours long movie.

It’s a must watch movie.

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