Sunday, December 28, 2014


Ever eaten pav bhaji on the streets of Bombay?

If yes then ever wonder what makes pav bhaji so special?

If you know the recipe, you also know that it’s a mixture of vegetables with spices that gives it flavor.

In case if you are wondering why I am talking about pav bhaji instead of movie is because the plot reminded me of it.

Too many elements with no head and tail connection and still in the end, gives a feel good movie. That’s PK the movie.

I am wondering about the writers of the movie if they were planning to write a story on alien on earth, a love story, god vs religion or alien and girl from earth love story.

Then again I don’t think it matters as it has been touted as a hit and a majority of the audience seems to consider the movie good overlooking the loop holes and getting caught in the hype.

In Indian movies, the story does not count as long as the movie gives a feel good impression even with a story plot that does not make sense.

A movie by Rajkumar Hirani starring Amir Khan certainly deserves to be of high stature. This one does not make the mark.

The story is about an alien PK (Aamir Khan) who comes to research humans and finds the remote of his spaceship stolen. His search for remote takes him to Delhi and wherein he bumps into Jagat Janini aka Jaggu (Anushka Sharma) who then helps him get his remote and in the process also exposing the godman and making people aware about god and religion.

In the beginning of the movie itself, post the alien lands, the story moves to Anushka and her love story but it get wraps up so quickly in one song that it’s almost blink and miss. Then Anushka moves to Delhi and bumps into Aamir and the actual story begin.

It’s not until the end of the movie that her love story comes alive again. One would wonder why put a love story in the first place if the movie’s theme is going to be on god/religion.

The movie’s first half is completely dominated by Aamir and proves that he is truly class apart.

The second half of the movie lets you down specifically the way the remote was found in the hand of god men. Also the only way to get back the remote was to expose the god man.

It never really shows how and why the godman bought the remote apart from stating that it was delivered from the God. My question is if the locket was a remote then no one tried to fiddle with it considered that it was different.

The movie moves at a pace that keeps you intrigue in the first half and must say the script for certain scenes keeps you hooked till the end.

The movie’s highlight would be Aamir Khan and the witty dialogues that keeps you laughing but this is limited to only certain parts of the movie.

Anushka does pretty well job and Sushant his bit in a small role. Saurabh Shukla shows off his acting prowess as the godman Tapasvi. Boman Irani has been wasted in a minuscule role that does not do justice to him.

The climax of the movie ends with Aamir choosing not to express his love for Anushka. Though she comes to know about his love. She ends up writing a book on him and he comes back again this time with a group for his research.

If you are send on a planet to research, don’t you think there will be someone watching your actions, coordinating and in case of lost, send in a search party. None of which takes place. Intriguing ha?

The best part aliens are always considered to be super intelligent with powers but the alien in theis movie does not come across as one and has only one talent of learning one’s language, thoughts through holding their hands.

The movie draws comparisons with OMG (Oh My God) and I must say OMG fares much better and sends across the message with clarity wherein PK fails.

Would recommend this as a one-time watch and yes watch it for Aamir and Saurabh.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The Equalizer

When you watch Hollywood movies, there are certain genres wherein it fails to deliver anything new.

Action and Thriller will top the list. The plot maybe different but in the end the storyline would end up to be similar if not same.

The Equalizer is no different with nothing new to offer in terms of the plot. It’s like old wine in a new bottle.

The movie is about Robert McCall (Denzel Washington) who works in a home mart hardware store and spends his time reading books in an attempt to complete the reading list compiled by his wife who has passed away.

He befriends with Teri (Chloe Moretz), a prostitute in a dinner who aspires to be a singer but is caught in the wrong job.

One day she ends up in the hospital due to her pimp and Robert decide to take matters in his own hands to make things right.

What are we not told on how easily he was able to kill the bad guys and walk away? It does not stop at that. He ends up beating two cops who were extorting money from shop keepers by threatening them.

What really changes the game, is when he finds his match in Teddy (Marton Csokas), the man send by the mafia kingpin from Russia to clean up the mess created and ensure business as usual.

It does feel a little odd that Teddy has access to the crime scenes and the cops are nowhere to be seen in the movie like they don’t exist.

It becomes a game of cat and mouse between which leads to the revelation that Robert is an ex CIA SOG Paramilitary Operations Officer when he seeks his friends help to find more about Teddy.

No guesses on who wins in the end.  

The movie only highlight is Denzel Washington who seems to carry the movie on his shoulders and makes it worth a watch.

Chloe Moretz is pretty though her role is short. Marton does get the job done.

It is a one-time watch movie. Watch it for Denzel…