Sunday, April 5, 2015


The movie got me thinking what it was all about once it ended.

Like its tagline, if you miss the beginning, you would think that Varun Dhawan has gone mental...

This movie by Sriram Raghavan who also happens to be the co-writer explores the dark side of the humans much like his earlier movies Ek Hasina Thi and Johnny Gaddar.

The film is about Raghu (Varun Dhawan) who loses his wife Misha (Yami Gautam) and son in a bank robbery that goes bad.

Even though one of the robbers Liak (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) is caught knowingly, it fails to satiate Varun as he searches for his partner in crime Harman (Vinay Pathak) who vanished with the booty.

The movie is all about revenge. Raghu's time and patience is checked as he searches for his partner and awaits till Liak is released from prison 15yrs later due to cancer.

From there on, its the plot that's laid on the ground to exact his revenge for the loss of his family.

What does get you thinking is if Liak had not accepted the part where he admits to kills his partner (even though he did not). What was Raghu's plan of action would be given that the investigating cop knew he was behind the killings and Liak had not done the confession.

Something that we will never know. 

The movie keeps you hooked till the end not knowing what to expect next.

Varun Dhawan does okay but yes Nawazuddin catches your attention especially with his temper lost. Yami Gautam was hardly there.

Huma Qureshi needs to make use of more facial expressions otherwise its just words coming out.

The movie climax fails to gives the audience the closure that the character Raghu was looking for...

Maybe it was kept that way to feel what Raghu was feeling but the question is how many did actually got that.

Its worth a watch especially for Sriram and Nawazuddin.

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