Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Furious 7

When you says Fast & Furious, one's imagination lights up with cars engines roaring, rubbers being burned and chases down the road.

The Furious 7 is no different in the series that has followed.

This time too they end up racing but for their own lives as Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham) big bad brother of Owen Shaw (Luke Evans) seeks revenge from Dom and his team.

It's the chase of a cat and mouse where the mouse is played by Deckard who is a black ops. man becoming dark shadow agent taking upon the gang of race drivers.

Luke Hobss (Dwayne Johnson) finds himself in the hospital very early in the movie and has very few scenes in the movie. Disappointment as he could have been utilized in a better way or the writers could have just kept his character off the script.

If you are wondering why there is no mention of the story plot here, coz movies like these don't have one.

The only thing that matters is the action packed car chases, thrills, fights and stunts that blows your mind.

It not only takes the stunts to a different level but the car jump from not one but through three buildings was literally could not be thought of...

Jason Statham plays the villain to the hilt with no remorse on his face. You cannot help but wonder if he carries the same expression. Watch Death Race and see if it’s otherwise.

The scene where Paul Walker is shown to accelerate the car which later turns out to be a mini van is hilarious as he misses his past life and is now shown taking caring of his family.

Vin Disel is the spirit of the movie without whom it will be just a hole in the tyre. He plays his part well.

Tyrese Gibson does have a special mention as he cracks up the audiences with his antics especially when he delegates.

The rest of the cast do well to support the movie which would also include a cameo by Kurt Russell. It also stars Ali Zafar an Indian actor making his mark worldwide through this movie.

The movie loses the plot in the end where the climax seemed to be more inspired from the Hindi film industry and that too from the 80’s and 90’s era.

There’s a helicopter with weapons shooting, launching UAV in the US and there is no alert to the armed forces!!

The presence of Dwayne in destroying the UAV by coming over the tunnel by an ambulance was nothing short of a miracle. Later on he reaches to the location where Vin and Jason are locked into a street fight. Did he had the God’s eye with him all along the movie?

There are no explanations.

If that was not enough Dom attempt to hit the helicopter with his car is missed but manages to put a bag of grenades on it and then crashes down.

As he remains unconscious, Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) reveals that she has regained her lost memories which bring Dom back and yes without a single scratch to his body.

This is something the Indian audience has already seen in the past era of 80’s and 90’s. 

It’s like knowing what was going to happen.

The writer Chris Morgan surely could have written a better ending which looked like a quick chop to end the movie.

The movie directed by James Van is worth a watch but the unexplained appearances of Dwayne out of nowhere and Dom’s survival from a high fall was somewhere lost in the translation of the direction and editing table.

The tribute given to Paul Walker is worth a watch and don’t think that it can be bettered.

His brothers Caleb & Cody were used to complete his remaining scenes.

The movie is worth a watch if you like actions movies and cars.

If not, watch it for Paul Walker for one last time on the screen.

P.S. On a funnier note, the movie and the team is now rumored to be blessed by Rajnikanth to preform such stunts and yes of course the climax dedicated to :)

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