Sunday, June 14, 2015

Dil Dhadakne Do

Before we get down to the movie review, I have two question to ask.

Firstly when you watch our Hindi bollywood movies, why do the families are always shown rich. Have you ever seen a Karan Johar movie where the hero, heroine are shown poor, middle class eh? Think about it for a min.

Second, do you read the page 3 about the social happening parties and wonder about the people who get clicked. Secretly desire to be part of it and wish to know about their lifestyle and lives these people live.

If you are ok with the first question of not showing the poor, middle class and yes for the second one too, then your wish is granted. Yes, this movie is made only for you to know the lives of the filthy rich.

The story is about the intricacies of the lives that the wealthy rich people live and we are given a peek into it.

Its the Mehra's who are celebrating their marriage anniversary on a cruise and the turn of events that ensues within the family and the plot of mixing business with relations to protect one's wealth.

One has to really ponder on what made Anil Kapoor go all white and take up this role. Has he realized that he will now only be given character roles like Rishi Kapoor until something better comes along. 

He along with Shefali Shah are the parents of Priyanka Chopra the elder daughter and Ranveer Singh who is supposed to take over the business but has no ambitions other than flying planes.

Anil Kapoor has done well in his role which well supported by Shefali. The scene where she is shown gorging on the food is well shown and depicted trying to compensate for one's emotions.

The camaraderie between Priyanka & Ranveer as sister brother looking out for each other can be seen throughout. Ranveer does justice to his role as an immature young guy while Priyanka though donning a different role from her previous roles appears nibble.

Rahul Bose does his job well as Priyanka's husband and leave no room for nitpicking.

Its the roles of Farhan Akhtar and Anushka Sharma that makes you think. Not much has been revealed about Farhan's character when he joins the cruise. We are kind of left to imagine. Anuska though have done her role well but the way her character responds to Ranveer's engagement news is somewhat that could have been done better.

The movie support cast does a good job which also includes Divya Seth & Parmeet Sethi whose presence has been wasted in tid-bit roles.

Who can forget the dog voiced by Amir Khan which narrates to us about the Mehras. The dog just fails to kindle anything in you as it carries the same expression and not shown to take active role.

Its the climax of the movie that lets you know down completely. It as if the writer and the director were in a hurry to complete it. The way it was shot is nothing but chaos and yes common sense cannot be applied.

This is certainly not one of the best works of Zoya considering that she has directed and has written the screenplay along with Reema Katgi (Director of Honeymoon Travels) of the movie.

The movie keeps you hooked but leaves a lot to be desired. A lot of it is expected to be understood by the audience rather shown on the screen. The climax though is a complete let down and surely not the way to end a movie.

You can avoid this cruise and if you still insist on watching, please wear a life jacket.  

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