Monday, July 13, 2015


This is a story about a boy Chinmay who tries to find ground for himself at a new place with his mother who got transferred in a village in the Konkan region.

The new surroundings, first day in school would remind many of their school days. How friendship is made and how scary one is of other kids so that they don't end bullying you.

Chinmay makes news friends and then the visit to the killa changes everything. Chinmay finds himself immersed in the beauty of the fort that he strays from his friends and then it rains heavily and as he searches for his friends. He finds them having left him alone.

This incident changes him as he makes pleas to his mother to move back to their old place. Even as she is struggling with her job as she is accused of not following regulations in her work.

Her turmoil of struggling with work is also depicted.

Her job leads to again transfer in job and this means Chinmay leaving his friends behind.

Does he forgives his friends for their mistakes is the highlight of the movie.

As they travel through the bus, Chinmay looks out at the window looking at the fort reminding of the happy memories of his friends.

Archit Deodhar does a good job as Chinmay and so do Amruta Subhash. The attention of the movie is caught with acting by Parth Bhalerao who was the child actor in Bhootnath Returns.

The film can be a bit slow for the audience and might not be appreciated by everyone.

Have to add that the Marathi Cinema is coming on its own with the originality of the scripts.

Watch it if you wish to reminisce your childhood/school days.

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