Saturday, October 10, 2015

Maze Runner: The Sorch Trials

If you thought that Thomas (Dylan O'Brian) and his friends orderal ended by getting away from the Glade then you are wrong. It only got worse to the point that they needed to comprehend the intricacies of being entangled in the puzzle they wish to solve.

The movie which is the second installment of the series explores the survival of Thomas & his friends when they come to know that the safe haven they have been brought too is not one...

Thomas with the help of Aris Jonas (Jacob Lofland) comes to know more about the facility and yes that Ava Paige (Patricia Clarkson) is still alive and that the safe haven is run by her through Janson (Adian Gillan) to continue carry out experiments with the children.

Thomas & his friends make their escape good only to come across the outside deserted world  the Sorch and should fight for survival to reach to the The Right Arm, a resistance group at the Mountains.

The movie keeps you engrossed and yes there are times when you do get to a point on when it will get over as it keeps moving. The scripting of the movie certainly needed to be tight at places like the survivors reaching at a place where they find people living on their own and no explanation on how they survived and what their motives are in this topsy turvy world.  

When they do reach the Right Arm, the survivors in fight with WKCD but with hardly any resources at their reach. The film put everything on the shoulders of Thomas to put an end to it...

The climax of the movie is a big let down and yes as a audience I expected it to be better.

The movie in comparison to the first installment fails to keep you hooked or narrate the plot in a way that keeps the audience enthralled.

The third installment of the movie is supposed to be released in the year 2017.

This is a one time watch movie...

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