Monday, December 7, 2015


Tamasha holds different meaning for each of us than what it actually means.

I will admit to the fact that having seen the trailers of the movie, I had determined this movie to be a flop. Along with the fact that the stars of the movie were seen across attending so many TV shows to promote their movie only give strength to that thought.

The movie takes you on a different level which is very evident from the start. Having said that, this is not your regular movie of what you see is what you get. You will have to put your thinking cap on all the time to understand what the movie is all about.

The plot of the movie has been written by Imtiyaz himself and that I could not help but think how the characterization of each of the character was done while he came up with the story.

For example, the storyteller in the form of an old bearded guy reminded me of Kabuliwala who keeps the young Ranbir engrossed with his stories.

We all knew that this is a love story but this one is a love story wrapped around with the main ingredient in between. It’s up to if you get to know what the movie is about.

The movie kind of reminds of the Before Sunset movie series featuring Julie Delphy & Ethan Hawke. The only difference that they never plan to meet again.

The girl hopes to live in the fantasy as she desperately tries to find the guy and succeeds. Reality hits as she finds him to be like any other average guy and not the Don that he was with her.

It’s here that things take a turn as Ranbir is unable to deny or run away from that personality of his that he had kept hidden from the world or from himself too. Somehow the extremities have gone too far when confronted. One starts to wonder if he has a split personality. Though it was not explained it can be only assumed that he was in touch with his inner self but not ready to bring it on the outside.

The path of realization has been well depicted in two scenes. One in the form of conversation with the auto guy. Secondly, the story he narrates to his family.

The execution and storytelling method is on a different level that one has not witnessed in the Indian cinema. It could be put on a level of Christopher Nolan’s movies only that is this is more understandable if you put your mind to it.

All & above, this movie has been made with a lot of thought and the direction up to the mark and does not divert. Small things like chapters title of the movie is something that keeps you engaged and wonder.

Both Ranbir & Deepika have excelled, showcasing their skills of acting.

Do watch it and again, if you don’t get it the first time :)

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