Tuesday, January 26, 2016


This was one of the movie that was recommended to me even before it got released by one of the friend.

The movie is based on legendary play by the same name by the Marathi playwright Kusumagraj.

Its the story of a veteran theatre actor Ganpat Belwalkar and his life post retiring from the stage, his first home.

He ends up giving his wealth among his children with complete trust that they will take care of him and his wife.

However it was not meant to be as he found out that environment of his home changes with him getting questioned for his behaviour which was not the case earlier.

He ends up leaving his own home and later on his daughter's home as he and his wife gets accused of stealing. Such becomes a situation that he ends up living in the streets and losing his wife to it.

His family does come looking for him but by then its too late as he plays out his final act and leaves abode.

I think words would fall short to describe the acting skills of Nana Patekar. He keeps you completely immersed to the screen every scene that he is in.

Apart from him, Vikram Gokhale too enthral the screen with his acting skills even though a short one. Medha Manjrekar also shines out as a supporting wife to her husband. The rest of the cast too played it all well.

A good story needs proper execution and Mahesh Manjrekar has ensured that in his direction.

The movie does ends up asking a lot of questions like

  • Did Ganpat missed his stage life that he forgot the difference between the reality and the stage?
  • Does a man is considered to be useless if they exhaust their utility?
  • Does the relation between the children and parents undergo change when parents are the ones to be taken care of?

The movie keeps you engrossed throughout and there is not a moment where you could not help but feel the pain that Ganpat and his wife are going through.

This is by far one of the best movies that I come across in the Marathi films and it certainly would make a lot of heads turn during awards function especially the national awards and who know the Oscars too...

This is a must watch movie and hope one can keep their emotions under control.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Bajirao Mastani

When you read about love stories or watch movies on them what do you look for and why do you watch it.

Hold that thought till I let the cat out of the bag.

When you hear Sanjay Bhansali make a movie on Bajirao Mastani, one can only vouch of the great opus it can be given his past movies to bring larger than life on screen.

This movie does not disappoint in its visualization of its era of the past.

This is about the love story about Bajirao and his Mastani who have been claimed to be lovers as per the stories that one hear.

Albeit there is a problem. Bajirao is married and his family’s non-acceptance of Mastani as his second wife. Given that it was stated that if a man gives his dagger to a women and she accepts the same, it’s considered as marriage. How easy and convenient if one thinks about it.

It’s the love that tears the family apart even as they fight to live for each other in their hearts awaiting acceptance of the society.

 Ranveer Singh has proved that he has got the acting prowess that catches your attention. Its Priyanka as the wife who steals the thunder in this movie as you cannot get enough of her even though she is the one playing second fiddle.

Deepika Singh makes one wonder if chasing and falling in love makes one depressed. All one could see was her sadness in her attempts to get her man.

This love story surely did not have any good memories that one would look for.

Aditya Pancholi & Milind Soman seems to be wasted on roles that were not given enough room for them to showcase their skills.

The end of the movie disappoints as it seems like they did not had any clue on how they will end it. It was abrupt to put it mildly.

The scripting of the movie is not tight as there are times when you actually wonder where it was going. Any love story has it’s moments which keeps you engaged. All one could see was the pain about the love but never really the part where love keeps them alive. Did it all came down to attraction?

Sanjay could certainly do better than that.

This is a one-time watch and hope the end does not disappoints.