Sunday, October 16, 2016


Another movie by Ron Howard on the novel of Dan Brown. I know everyone is wondering if this related to the earlier movies of Da Vince Code and Angels & Demons but its not.

You can watch this movie even if you have not caught up on the earlier movies.

One thing that I like about these movies that it creates a curiosity to know more about the places, names where its shot in or the mystery unravelled upon. For example post watching this movie, I looked upon Dante and his book Inferno which describes the hell.

This movies is no different where Professor Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks) finds himself in the midst of finding a situation wherein a deadly virus will be unleashed by a maniac billionaire Bertrand Zobrist (Ben Frost).

The plot begins with Langdon having no memory and informed that a bullet has been grazed through his skull. He is under short term memory loss but has no time to regain the same as he is being hunted and aided by doctor Sienna Brooks (Felicity Jones).

One is completely engrossed in the movie from the word go and the twist in the plot as Langdon and Brooks are being followed is certainly a good one.

Irfan Khan plays the role of Harry Sims, makes his presence felt on the screen. Somehow what I did not like was the way his character had to die. Something felt amiss there.

The movie is similar to the earlier Robert Langdon character movies wherein they are trying to solve the mystery and get to it before the bad guys does. It keeps you hooked till the end. The suspense is well kept.

Tom Hanks and Felicity along with Ben do their job well and one cannot take their eyes off them. Omar Sy also carries that presence.

Ron does know how to keep the audience engrossed. There was not a single moment when I could take my eyes off the screen. I do feel the character of Harry Sims should have been better etched out given the way it ended.

Langdon's hallucinations of hell was beautifully depicted. 

The movies is a must watch for those who love to see mysteries getting solved.

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