Monday, October 10, 2016

M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story

I found it odd when Neeraj Pandey decided to make a movie on MS Dhoni. Odd because Dhoni is still playing and not retired from the India cricket. Nor he has grown that old that he has created a legacy that needs to be highlighted.

When film makers decide to make biographical movies, they take the liberation of showing fiction in the movie. Our audiences would always think that when watching such movies what is shown must be true. How innocent we are in this matter!

When you watch the movie, it feels like you are caught in a time leap where the movie would jump to certain timeline in the life of Dhoni. At some point of time, it does get cumbersome to keep track of it.

Apparently not all aspect of his life was covered in the movie. Did you know that Dhoni has a brother but he is not part of the movie. The movie has been fictionalized as per the needs of the movie makers.

While watching the movie, what strucks out that everyone is playing a character and not a single character strikes out that gets your attention with the exception of Disha Patani. She was the only one who looked live on the screen.

Sushant Singh though playing his character Dhoni did not really stand out or make you pay attention to him. Rest of them too looked like characters.

The movie though a biography did not had a proper climax that somewhat leaves you empty...

Watch it if you are Dhoni fan, if not then you still do not miss on anything.

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