Monday, October 10, 2016


I know I am late on this but its now or never ha.

I got the chance to watch this movie recently and yes I think it was worth the wait.

Every time Salman would release his movie around Id and yes it has become his thing. However as crazy as he is his fans can also drive his movies up the charts as long as they get to see him in the screen irrespective of the underlying assumption that a movie has to be good to be a hit.

When we talk about the movie Sultan, the story plays little part in it rather to put it abrupt the plot of the movie is not the strongest point of his movies.

When we talk about Sultan, its said that its a story about wrestler whose arrogance gets the high of him when he ends up losing his child who had the same rare bloody type as he had. His wife who was also a wrestler leave him and he ends up being the fallen guy and then desires for a blood bank in his village so that no one has to go through what he had to.

I simply put the story of the movie in a few lines above but the question that begs is was the movie worth watching?

For the Indian audience movies are about emotions and as along as they are able to connect to them, story of the movie simply doesn't matters. As is true in this case.

If one looks at the story of the movie, the only reason the wife leaves the husband because for him wining the championship was important than to stay with her during her pregnancy. What I find odd that she being a wrestler herself why would she want her husband to stay back? They have not elaborated this part which keeps you wondering...

Secondly if Salman wants to open a blood bank was he not smart enough to make use of his skills that would lead to him to make more money for his dream to come true. Again no clarity.

I wont even go into why they actually thought Salman would be the ideal choice since he was forty and the only person to be thought to have potential. Last time I checked we are still a billion population country.

Like all movies this one too has a happy ending....

Yes the actors did their job as Salman, Ankusha & Randeep keep you intrigued. Would also highlight that Anant Vidhaat Sharma was also able to hold on to the screen on his own. The script of the movie needed a lot of tweaking.

 Its a one time watch movie. Spend your money wisely.

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