Sunday, February 19, 2017

Jolly LLB 2

I am very choosy when to comes to watch movies in theaters. Majority of the time it will be English and yes I do go for Hindi and other movies provided I think they are good enough to watch on big screen.

Heard good reviews about Jolly LLB and decided to watch it in the theater.

However, like every other Indian movie, the makers of the movies believes in playing with emotions of the audiences. Instead the plot of the movies always goes for a toss. What matters is you have a bigger star in the movie.

I though Jolly LLB 2 was going to be different but alas it was not going to be different. I have to say that Jolly LLB was much better when you look from the story plot angle.

This time round the role of Jolly, the lawyer was played by Akshay Kumar. He was good at his role but like I said story plays an important part of the film making too which was a big let down.

Its the story of a legal assistant who wishes to practice on his own. To do it, he must own a place in the court chambers and that leads to the death of Hina who wants the lawyer Rizvi under which he works to fight her case. 

Post her death, its the remorse that makes Jolly to take up the case and prove the innocence of Hina's husband and punish the guilty.

The drama of the courtroom has its moment with some witty liners that has punches.

However the climax and the way the movie progresses is a big let down.

For e.g., if there is a case of mistaken identity, the first thing one would do is check the photos of the person involved. Apparently this big flaw of the story was never thought of. On hindsight, if they had they probably would have to change the plot of the movie.

On top of that the actor has four days in hand to defend himself in front of law board. In those four days he traveled to J&K and back. Indian film makers certainly have a tendency of thinking the audience as fools.

The movie could have been better had the story line was kept tight. Also in the end, it felt as if the fight was about all Jolly's glory and not about the lives lost as the movie ends.

Akshay was usual at his best. Huma Qureshi was like a lost cause as her role was not defined. Wearing a Gucci dress in UP locality seriously needs a thought.

The highlight of the movie will be Sayani Gupta who played Hina and she certainly gets your attention. Anu Kapoor and Saurabh Shukla do enthrall you with their acting. However the story could not do the justice.

The Holi song is sure going to be catchy. The writing and direction of Subhash Kapoor did not do justice to the movie.

All in all, its a one time watch movie if you want to see the acting of Sayani Gupta, Akshay Kumar, Anu Kapoor and Saurabh Shukla...


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