Thursday, May 4, 2017

Baahubali 2: The Conclusion

I was trying to get tickets for this movie from the day it went live and I couldn't. The theaters were going house full. Finally managed to buy a ticket and watch this movie Baahubali 2.

I missed watching the first part on the big screen and made sure that I watched this in the theater.

Normally when a movie's sequel is made, lot of high expectations are set and pressure too that they do well. Indian movies are not known for making sequels compare to their western counterparts. So a movie made on such a grand scale mattered on all the scales.

The beginning of the movie itself gets your attention giving a peek into the first part of the movie. If you have watched the Lord of the Rings movie series, then it feels a similar touch has been given to this. However this does not take away the uniqueness and thought put out to create the sets of scenery.

The story is in continuation of the first part which is about the son taking revenge of the father's murder by the unworthy King. Even though the plot line of the story has been seen in many movies, its the treatment and the variation that gets the movie going. 

One cannot completely take away their eyes from the screen as it maintains its momentum. It has its moments be it the love story of Devsena & Baahubali or the motherly affection between Sivagami & Baahubali. It also does well on the comic part and yes the jealousy emoted by Bhalla & his father.

The movie relies heavily on the VFX and special effects but it felt as if they missed out on giving finishing touches as there were scenes where one could easily made out the models created of forts. Given that this is could be probably the first Indian movie relaying so heavily on it can be over looked.

The story line is not tight as one expected it to be.None of Indian movies normally have as they depend on human emotions of the audiences to sway them from the gaps.

The battles gets your attention. Specially the part wheren Baahubali rips apart Bhalla's chairot or the way they penetrate the fort in the climax. Bhalla's eyes screaming for revenge when he throngs himself on Baahubali.

Everyone played their part to the tee. One wont be able to see an actor in a dull moment as they are etching out the characters they play. They all do well from Prabhaas, Anushka Shetty, Rana Daggupatti, Ramya Krishna, Satyaraj & Nassar. Tamanna hardly had any role to play in this one.

It certainly would have been a tough task for the director Rajamouli to direct such a movie when very few get made least in India. He surely did a good job at it. The tougher job probably would be for the editors to choose which ones to keep and delete.

The climax though seem hurried in a bid to end the movie and that certainly does not leave you with a feel good moment when you leave your seat in the end.

However it does get it me thinking what was Bhalla's Dad doing at Baahubali's coronation.Why was he kept alive? Maybe a third part on the way? Something we will never know.

This movie certainly deserves a watch more than once for its magnum opus.

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