Saturday, October 14, 2017

Blade Runner 2049

You decide to watch a movie on a lazy sunday and then hop on to your bike to the theatre to watch your movie. As you reach the theater, you come to know that the show is cancelled. What to do you do?

I simply hopped on my bike and went to another theater and got the tickets in time to watch the movie that happen to be this one.

It is said to be a sequel to the movie Blade Runner in 1982 (isn't that a long time?) and I have not watched it. Too bad as if you have not seen the movie as getting to understand this movie will not be easy.

The movie is based on a plot that takes place in the future wherein bio engineered humans are integrated into the society. There are various versions of these out of which rogue replicants were to be made extinct. The job of this was given to the blade runner, a part of the LAPD but again a bio engineered human.

The task is assigned to K (Ryan Gosling) who ends up killing a replicant on a farm and finds a body hidden below the ground.Forensics reveal it to be the body of a female replicant who give birth to a child. 

Believing that if word of it got out could end up creating chaos, his boss (Robin Wright) orders him to find the child and kill it. On his search to find the child he ends up passing on the information to Niander Wallace (Jared Leto), a scientist creating bio-engineered humans who send his replicant Luv (Sylvia Hoeks) to find the child so that he could bolster the bio engineered humans production.

 It becomes a mouse and cat hunt as K ends up uniting the father & the child in the end.

The movie is too slow even though its able to keep audiences glued to the screen. I ended up yawning in between something that has never happened before.

The climax of the movie is disappointing. Even though the father & daughter meet, the way they meet and ending shown seems abrupt. It leaves you yearning for more like how replicant got pregnant and all.

Harrison Ford seems to be wasted in this movie as there is hardly any role for him to play in. The rest of the actors from the likes of Ryan to Sylvia have done a decent job.

Not sure how many people have watched the first part but they certainly should have included the background of the plot for people to understand.

The movie is a one time watch and you wont be missing it if you dont watch it...

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  1. Super honest review which I loved, I definitely won't be running to see this film then. I would like to see the original film though!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode