Sunday, January 7, 2018

Insidious: The Last Key

When the third movie came out of the Insidious series, I thought that it was the end to a beautiful series which kept on getting better and better like wine.

However two days earlier, I came to know that the fourth installment of the series is being released.  This I conclude is the end of the series.

It is about the life of Elise Rainer and how she ended up being a psychic and had her own demons to fight for closure.

It takes back her to the house where it all began. She also have her sidekicks Specs & Tucker on her side.

I have to say that one cannot compare the previous parts of the series to this one. The movie though is not that tight as its earlier parts.

It surely though makes you scream or move out of your chair with its evil presence on the screen. The comic scenes also gets you going.

There are though many flaws in the plot which was either not paid attention too or was overlooked. There was no back story to the demon who was causing so much trouble. No explanation of significance of the keys on the demon fingers.

On top of that Elise has no recollection of talking to herself as a child. I am sure one would remember that! Her mother's role and strength is another mystery.

Kind of disappointed the way victory was hailed over the demon.

Overall, the movie does gives one enough goosebumps that one might even overlook at what is mentioned over here.

Specs played by Leigh Whannell also happens to be the writer of the Insidious series and Saw. The series could have been a perfect, had they pulled the plug on the holes on this one. Yet to come across a series which gets it right on all the parts.

The actors in the movie Lin Shaye, Angus Sampson, Bruce Davison, Leigh Whannell, Hana Hayes & Tessa Ferrer have done their jobs well.

Director James Wan has done well with the series and this one too keep the audience glued to screen if only the plot had done justice.

Do watch it, its worth a watch.

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