Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Avengers: Infinity War

The last time the Avengers movie came out, it was in 2015 that's like 3 years ago. Isn't that a long time to wait for all the superheroes to come together again to save the world?

Thankfully MCU knows how to keep the audience busy with other superheroes movies coming out. With each movie interconnected to each other, that only kept them going with keen.

The Avengers Infinity War could not have got any bigger the way it was build up through its others movies in the past. I take it that you are an Marvel movie fan to understand what the movie is all about. In case you are not, then I suggest you either read the comics to get hold of who is who and what they are fighting for or watch every movie MCU has released from Avengers: Age of Ultron.

No spoilers will be revealed so you can certainly read the review but that also means that I cannot reveal the plot of the movie. It only makes my job difficult on how to put it across...

The first scene of movie drags you straight in the movie plot. There are many small plots that is played out in different planets and eventually leads to one dramatic showdown.

On one hand Thor has his own reasons to go after Thanos. Hulk, Iron Man & Dr. Strange come together to save Earth. Captain America, Black Widow & Falcon fight to save Infinity Stone from Thanos's Black Order.

One can also see the presence of Guardians of the Galaxy, Peter Parker, Wanda Maximoff, Vision, Black Panther among others. There were quite a few surprises.

The movie is completely action packed from the beginning till the end. It certainly does not disappoints the way expectation has been build up.

The one thing that comes odd is the way the character of Thanos is portrayed. Bear in mind, that he is the villian but certain actions of his goes the other way. He does not fit into the generic bad guys and that makes him stand out. We will only know about it when the next Avengers will be out. Was he meant to be more than a bad guy?

In a nutshell, the movie is about Thanos vs Avengers & other superheroes trying to get their hands on the Infinity stones to save the universe.

There are however certain aspect though minute in the movie that does not make any sense. Like can humans breathe in other planets? When your body is pierced with a weapon, shouldn't one die which is not the case here. Not sure if this was done deliberately to have the next installment coming up.

When you have a movie plot which is interconnected with other MCU movies, I think its a big task for the writers to ensure that everything that is shown has its relevance. After all the fans keeps checking every detail.

The movie keeps you engrossed and that says all about the directors Russo brothers. To keep audience glued to the screen is not an easy task.

When a movie has a multiple star cast, it becomes difficult to point any single character given the footage that has been given to them. However for me, its the Thanos character played by Josh Brolin stands out.

The climax of the movie certainly evokes mixed reactions (word used since cannot reveal everything) and it depends on how one takes it.

The end credit scene certainly add further enigma which I believe is going to be revealed in 2019. Till then one has to be patient and enjoy other MCU movie releases this year hoping it provides clue...

The movie is a must watch for any MCU fan. For the non MCU fan, well you have to learn from the beginning to understand it.

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