Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Deadpool 2

Deadpool 2 is out and going by the first movie of the series, the expectations are surely set high.

The movie's beginning gets your attention from the start and yeah with the witty and sarcasm, one can just fall in love with it.

A note of caution though, you need to know a whole lot more about the X men to get the references and jokes. Otherwise it will be a lost cause.

The movie plot is about protecting a boy from the villain from the future out to kill him.

I have to say when you look at the movie as a whole, it surely does disappoints. The plot not being strong enough. Might have well have to sit back and think what's going on here.

Having said that, yes there are scenes that gets you a laughing riot. The team formed to save the boy, then again it all comes down to the plot of the movie. It surely can't get it up and running.

Even Deadpool's witticism cannot save the movie. The script of the movie is not tight enough and there are moments where you feel completely bored...

Director David Leitch should have taken care of that. Ryan Reynold was at his best. Moreana Baccarain looking beautiful. Josh Brolin playing the villian, somehow could not do justice. If you look at Thanos in Avengers: Infinity  War you will understand.

Julian Dennison the kid did justice to his role. Zazie Beetz certainly gets your attention in her minuscule role.

 If you are going to watch the movie, watch it for Ryan Reynolds and you will not be disappointed.

This is going to be a one time watch movie unless you like Deadpool's witticism!!

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